Marks Advisors, LLC is a consulting practice whose core mission is to manage the project delivery method to insure that the Owners’, Lenders’ and Financial Institutions’ initial programs are achieved, consistent with predetermined development budgets and timeframes.

Our consulting practice is our sole business independent of any competing internal business units (i.e., construction manager/general contracting). This independence allows us to provide total transparency to our clients in the project delivery process.

Our Project Delivery platform provides our clients with the data necessary to make fact-based decisions throughout the development process.

We are proactive in anticipating unforeseen events and managing them accordingly to avoid costly changes, errors and delays. This proactive approach provides our clients with lower construction costs and eliminates the start-stop-rethink syndrome.

The level of service we provide is always tailored to meet the Owner’s requirements, ranging from total development/program management to construction consulting and specific task-orientated assignments.